The Void

The Void

By on Oct 2, 2014


The Void

Everyone’s void is different. Everyone wants something different in life.

Is there something within you that feels as though it is missing? But you just do not know what it is? How can you fill something that is missing, that you don’t know what it is? – Confused? So is your mind, which will start to unconsciously fill the void, it may be temporary or you may fill it, so you don’t have to feel that ‘void’ feeling again.

It is important to note that everyone’s void is looking for something different.

What are some of the traits that might be missing from the Void: attention, joy, wanting, loneliness, acceptance, being loved, companionship, happiness, 

Some feelings you may feel from not filling this void: become low in mood, fear, sadness, angry, anxious, doubtful of self, feeling of failure for not filling void, agitation, being on edge, 

Behaviours that can occur from the feelings being felt: relying on others to feel accepted, becoming needy towards others- to perhaps try and be noticed for attention, trying to please others, Keeping really busy so the void is out of sight out of mind, emotional eating, avoidance, housebound, 

Understand your void: Become in touch with your void. Embrace your void. What does it need. 

Just by becoming aware of this void, can help you understand what you need.

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Lalitaa Suglani

Never judge a book by its cover: look beyond what the eyes show us…

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